Welcome to Terra Multimedia's new site!

     NEW NAME.              
Terra Multimedia LLC is now "doing business as" - Ozzie Alfonso Media.

Since 1990 we have produced over 700 hours of BROADCAST VIDEO, CD-ROM, DVD, and  WEB VIDEO. We have created documentaries, dramas, animations, public service spots, live shows, even a video game – anything our clients have needed us to deliver.

Not coincidentally, the projects I am most proud of are the ones where clients included me and my colleagues as consultants in the development process.  A lot of time and money is saved when we are part of the development team.

My background is education; video is my tool.

Often, while filming stratification in Santorini, explaining how pearls are cultured at Mikimoto, or directing two actors chatting about HIV while throwing hoops, I can’t help but be in awe of what a wonderful classroom I have been given.

Think of me as an educator that can work with you in developing a project that, no matter what the subject matter, will be original, effective, of high quality, pedagogically sound, and within your means.

I am personally committed to offering the best in video production while maintaining a hands-on approach and keeping costs down. Forty years’ experience in broadcast, educational, science, and classroom "television" is no longer relevant. Being a recipient of multiple awards is no longer impressive. Television is today only part of the rapidly developing interactive media universe. While offering a plethora of choices to the viewer; as audiences grow larger, the budgets, by necessity, are shrinking. How to afford high caliber production at a fraction of broadcast budgets? Well, that is my challenge.  Tell me how much you can spend, and I'll find the way to give you the best possible product - on time, and on budget. If you already have an in-house production group but could use some expert advice on how to best design your product, get in touch, I can help getting you there.

If you are not familiar with the company, and this is your first contact with us, please let me know what your needs or questions are, I will be happy to help.

OzLogoIn brief, you should know the company was established in 1990 as Terra Associates, Inc. and has been responsible for providing outstanding educational and informational video, and web content ever since. My specialty is in the area of delivering information in an entertaining yet effective fashion. I learned this approach at "Sesame Street" where I started my career in 1971; and later, in the 1980s, as Senior Producer,Writer, and  Director of the acclaimed PBS science series - "3-2-1Contact".   More details in the "ABOUT" page.