We employ as big or as small a crew as necessary; and if the project allows it  I'll do it myself from shooting to editing --not a brag, but a fact. Here is almost everything you might want to know about me, and more.

I was the director and one of three Senior Producers of “3-2-1 Contact” from season 2 to 8 when the series stopped production. I was also one of the writers for the series from season 3 through 8. Following production of the daily series, I was the director of all the nighttime “3-2-1 Contact Specials”. Some of these include, “You Can't Grow Home Again”, on the vanishing rain forest, shot in Costa Rica, “The Rotten Truth”, on the garbage problem, and the ever popular “Everything Kids Want to Know About Sex and Growing Up” – which has become a staple video of middle school sex education teachers.  I also directed the “3-2-1 Contact Classroom” series which is still being used in schools via DVD.

During this period I found time to direct the Prime-time Emmy Award-winning NBC special on baseball, “The Game and Its Glory”, starring Donald Sutherland, and the CBS Saturday morning series – “The Baseball Bunch”.  I won a Peabody Award, for “I Have Aids: A Teenagers Story”, and several Emmys, including one for "Outstanding Direction in a Children's Series” for my work on “3-2-1 Contact”, and another for Cinematography (contributing cinematographer).

Prior to joining "3-2-1 Contact", I was a contributing director for “Sesame Street” which is where I started my TV career in the series' second season as Post Production Supervisor and video editor. I was nominated for a nighttime Emmy for directing "Sesame Street in Puerto Rico". I left “Sesame Street” in 1979 and returned to the Children's Television Workshop (now known as Sesame Workshop) to work in "3-2-1 Contact". In between series I was asked to go to China with my mentor, the late Jon Stone, as his Associate Director, and Second Unit Director of "Big Bird in China". This NBC-CCTV-CTW co-production is still popular as a commercial DVD. As is another prime-time special I did with Jon - "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street".

From 2006 to 2008 I was in the advisory board of the PBS Math series, “Cyberchase”; and from 1991 until 2008,I helmed my video production and consulting company, Terra Associates, Inc.

I am currently an adjunct professor at St. John's University in Queens, New York, where I teach several courses on media, television production, and writing. I am, nevertheless, still active as director/writer/producer working on selected projects - hence this website.

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